Podcasting for Teachers and Students

Quality Podcasts that provide important information about technology in education, curriculum, and tech tips. You can find all of these from the iTunes store > podcasts. Download the podcasts to your computer and listen or transfer the files to your iPod.

School Administrators and General Education Quality

Illinois Association of School Administrators - subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.
University of South Florida - iTunes U, click on College of Education

EdTech Experts

It's difficult to get direct links. Look these podcasts up on iTunes to listen and/or subscribe.

Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech - Dean Shareski
Moving at The Speed of Creativity Podcasts - Wesley A. Fryer
The Savvy Technologist - Tim Wilson
Driving Questions - Kevin Honeycutt
Bob Sprangle
20 Minutes for Tech

Podcast Pickle
Apple Site - Working with garage band and podcasts
Species - example of student created podcasts
Global Explorers
Durff's Summer Samples
Grade 5
Radio WillowWeb
Grade 8 Online Ethics Podcasts
Book Reviews
Eric Langhorst - MIddle School Social Studies teacher's webpage
Cyberbullying podcasts - by students
A podcast about creating a podcast in Garage Band
First Grade Online - by Gayle Berthiaume
Fourth Grade Stories - lots of examples, by Kris Vassos
Let's Go Global - enhanced podcasts about countries, by Kris Vassos
Trailblazer Elementary School - examples at all grade levels (click the links at the top), by Sherri Clemons
Beacon Tree All Star Cast - elementary school podcasts about famous landmarks, book characters, and much more, by Gabriella Meyers
ColeyCast - elementary school enhanced podcasts on science and social studies topics
Idioms - student created enhanced podcasts about idioms, from Willow Springs Elementary School
KPE Podcast - elementary podcast from New Zealand, by Dorothy Burt
DataCast Digital Academy - projects about the community of Cathedral City
The Barn

Sites to find sound effects to enhance your podcasts

Rubrics for Podcasting
A Rubric
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Podcasting

Podcasting from Cellphones


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